Grape Soda Wildflower

Some time around the last week of August, while desperately clinging to those last traces of summer, I decided my hair should be lavender. I’m not sure exactly what provoked the thought, but it became an obsession. The plan was to strip the deep garnet red out of my hair, then bleach it white, and allow it to stay platinum on top and graduate to shades of lavender and violet towards the bottom. I knew it would take work, but I also knew it was worth it.

I am no stranger to unconventional colour. In my life, I have had my mane dyed peppermint red, indigo blue, grape-soda purple, neon pink, rose-petal pink, tiger-lily orange, and magenta (not at all once, of course). No one could say my parents have been pleased, but their theory was, if my hair was the worst of their problems, then they were in good shape. As I’ve gotten older, though, my line of work has prevented me from doing what I want with my hair, leading me to spend the better part of the last few years in shades of natural-looking red. Announcing that I would soon have lavender hair, I was told that I was “not a mermaid, or a fairy,” and purple hair was a little unacceptable at my age.

mermaids come in a variety of colors

picture from Mermaid Melody Pichi-Pichi-Pitch

Well, dammit, I have dreamed of being a mermaid all my life. While Barnum almost burst that bubble for me, I think it’s important to live your fantasies and my dream of being a mermaid will live yet!

wildflower hair

My plan went into action: the red came out, leaving me shades of yellow, orange, and pink for weeks. The sherbet-coloured ‘do was rather novel at first, but it clashed with a lot of my makeup and in all made me look a little ill. So on went the bleach–but as I’m sure anyone who has had to strip out colour will tell you, the colour is stubborn, and things only lightened by shades. The pink faded to pale orange and everything else was a lighter yellow. I was getting frustrated.

rainy day wistfulness

About a week ago, I used another dye remover to lift out the last remaining bits of colour. It left me platinum, which I was able to tone to white, leaving my hair the perfect canvas for the lavender dyes. But when I went to apply them, I decided leaving the top white would look a little sloppy, and coloured over the whole thing.
I mixed two different lavender dyes, Manic Panic‘s Mystic Heather and Lie-Locks. Mystic Heather is more pink, which I applied to my entire head with a tint brush and rubber gloves, and Lie-Locks is distinctly more blue, which I tipped, streaked, and painted in over the other dye. When I rinsed, my hair was the exact colour of kudzu blossoms and my mermaid-hair dreams came true!

Unfortunately, it will only be staying until the end of the month. I know I need to give my hair a rest from the frequent bleaching and I probably need to cut a good deal of length off it to prevent further damage. But we’ll worry about that in November–maybe I’ll actually find out what my natural colour is again?

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Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural colour? What was it? How did it look? If you haven’t, would you? Discuss!

Love you to the Moon and Back,

Luna Valentine